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Celebrity Edge Experience Very Good

celebrity edge experience

Staterooms and dining were a step up on our Celebrity Edge experience this fall.

During October, we took two cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean. First, the Celebrity Constellation started in Venice and took us to Croatia, Montenegro, Corfu, Malta and Sicily. Second, Celebrity Edge cruised from Rome to Naples, Sicily, Malta and most of the main Greek Islands.

Constellation (shown right) is a good cruise ship, built in 2002 and refurbished in 2017. We were joined by 2,600 other guests. But we found Celebrity Edge to be a new ship, built last year, and carrying 3,300 guests. You can see it at the left, above.

We find cruising to be a pretty relaxing and cost-effective way to see more of planet Earth. Effectively, cruise ships are travelling resorts. Pretty much every day you visit a different port and spend the day touring the sights.

This was our first time on a brand new cruise ship. Pretty much everything about Celebrity Edge was a step up. But not everything. This post compares Edge to Celebrity.

First the cabin or stateroom, or whatever you want to call it. Definitely ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘. Celebrity Edge has huge rooms, 35% bigger than Constellation and very well laid out. King Size bed, spacious round shower, tons of storage. You don’t spend a lot of time in your room on a cruise. Mostly sleeping, and the King Size bed really helps.

Celebrity Edge Experience – More Thoughts

Second, dining is also a step up on your Celebrity Edge experience ๐Ÿ‘. For supper, there are four smaller rather than one huge dining room. The result is a little more intimate and a lot quieter. Plus you experience a variety of service staff rather than the some folks every day. Food is about the same, although the portions on the Edge are bigger (too big, actually.) On the cafeteria side, the Oceanview Restaurant is much better designed for both food service and seating.

Finally, entertainment was not as good ๐Ÿ‘Ž on the Edge. While the shows were fine, they were scheduled poorly, especially the late show at 9:30. Most of us needed to get up early for shore tours. But worse were the lounges. Too crowded and not enough service. It often took half an hour to get a drink.

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