The horizon is a special place and time. It’s where yesterday meets tomorrow. Where you face uncertainty and make choices. Where imagination becomes reality, and reality becomes memory.

Living on the Horizon is a collection of blogs and stuff that provide me with a creative outlet. It contains content from all of my web sites.

  • Making It Up is a blog devoted to the enjoyment of radio and maker hobbies, including ham and shortwave radio, electronics and digital fabrication.
  • Ergo 4 is integrated software for radio listeners that has been used by hobbyists and professionals more more than fifteen years.
  • Complexity Itself is a blog about complexity and systems thinking.
  • Working On The Horizon provides some information about the author’s consulting experience.


John Fallows is a largely retired management consultant who lives in Calgary, Alberta. He has enjoyed two careers: the first in radio broadcasting, the second in professional services. John has been a ham radio hobbyist since 1967 and a professional management consultant since 1986. Now, he spends most of his time learning, writing, making and most fun of all, being a grandfather.