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Another Big Mouser Parts Order

mouser parts order

My Mouser parts order process is effective, painless. and super fast. If you aggregate an order exceeding $100, shipping is free as well.

If you are an electronics experimenter, every once in a while you need to buy some parts. I try to support local distributors where possible, like B&E Electronics in Calgary. And, of course, you can get lots of cheap parts and modules from China.

But when it comes to guaranteed quality, and especially surface mount components (passives, integrated circuits) most of us turn to Mouser or Digikey. For no particular reason, I seem to have settled on Mouser. These guys make it pretty easy to find, order and obtain a massive array of electronics parts. Three reasons for this.

First, Mouser has a fantastic web site. You can search and find parts easily, including data sheets. During the design process, it is useful to keep the Mouser site open on the PC to check out and select exactly what you want as you design the PCB. You can also download footprints and import them directly into KiCAD and other design tools.

Second, ordering is easy. I use KiCAD to export my bill of materials into an Excel spreadsheet. Then, I find and assign a Mouser part number to each component. Finally, I can paste the bill of materials into the Mouser parts order import tool. All you need is two items: part number and quantity.

Third, the Mouser parts order system works well for little guys like me. To save costs, it helps to have an order that exceeds $100 for free shipping. After that, it’s fast. Two days by UPS to my door.

Mouser Parts Order – Behind the Scenes

Did you know that Warren Buffet owns Mouser? Yes, his firm Berkshire Hathaway acquired the Texas based firm in 2007. So, I guess Buffet just filled my Mouser parts order, hi!

If you want to watch how my order was filled, take a video tour of the warehouse with CEO Glenn Smith. Pretty amazing process.

I guess there is also a fourth reason for me. Mouser has a Canadian location and web site with prices in Canadian dollars. Since the shipment is domestic, there are no customs or import issues.

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