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Throwing Snow the Easy Way

throwing snow the easy way

Throwing snow is easy with an electric snow shovel.

Temperatures finally fell below normal in Calgary and we have had a couple of decent snowfalls. At the end of October, I wrote an article about how much I enjoyed my electric snow shovel. It is designed to clear up a five inch depth of snow by throwing it up to twenty feet.

Over the past ten days, we have had two 4-5” snowfalls. Throwing snow off the driveway and sidewalk only takes about ten minutes with the electric shovel, less than half the time than doing it manually.

So, it looks like we will have a white Christmas for a change this year.

And speaking of Calgary winters, you might have read the sad story last week about actor Leonardo DiCaprio attributing our Chinooks (warm winter winds) to climate change. Sigh. He called it terrifying. Remember this the next time you are asked to accept any sort of Hollywood-type as an “authority” on anything to do with science.

By the way, the Chinooks in Whitehorse are more severe than those in Calgary. I remember once being in the Yukon on a consulting job. The temperature was –40C and people were leaving their cars running all day. When I got up the next morning to go to my meeting, I bundled up in my winter clothes and headed out to find a taxi. To my surprise, the temperature had risen overnight to +5C and the snow was melting. But by the time I left Whitehorse two days later, it was freezing again.

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