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COVID-19 Uncharted Territory

uncharted territory

What a year! Uncharted territory, my friends. Yes, we are coping. And I hope all is well at your end. Thank goodness for network connectivity.

I am sure you will agree that 2020 is turning out nothing like we expected a few months ago. As we prepare for our third week in self-isolation, it’s hard not to wonder when and if things will get back to normal.

Spending a lot of time around the house is nothing new for retired guys like me. But my “daily shopper” has been hard hit. Poor Hilda can’t get away from me! No running out to Walmart. No coffee with her friends. No visits with our grandchildren. This is indeed uncharted territory.

But we humans adapt. One of Hilda’s gym friends has started doing a daily exercise program on Facebook. I connected her computer to the family room television using Chromecast to our NVIDIA Shield, as shown above. Voila, exercise with friends in our family room.

Alberta’s economy is particularly hard hit by COVID-19 uncharted territory, and energy industry struggles including federal government myopia and the Russia-Saudi price wars. This was going to be a bad year for us anyway, but now we are doubling down.

My situation is even more complex. I started some dental procedures recently which made me unable to eat solid food for a while. Now that all the dental surgeries are closed, this could turn into a really, really long forced diet. Good news is that I am losing weight fast.

COVID-19 Uncharted Territory for Our Generation

My generation has not had to live through world wars, major pandemics or economic depression. Perhaps, until now. In many ways, Canada and other countries are almost on a war footing for our domestic economy and social behaviors.

Like wars and depressions, our governments will undertake massive spending to keep things going. This will evolve into debt that needs repayment from future growth. I suspect coming out of the pandemic, we will have a greater focus on economics which is a good thing.

Good time to be a radio and electronics hobbyists as there is a lot we can do at home without going out.

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