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Seymour Lesonsky W6CCP Silent Key – Will Be Missed

seymour lesonsky w6ccp

Seymour Lesonsky, W6CCP, became a Silent Key on December 6th. “Silent Key” is the term used by amateurs to describe a ham no longer with us. He passed away at age 86 following a short illness.

Any morning listener to the 20 meter ham band heard Seymour on a regular basis. I shared my morning coffee with him most weekdays. W6CCP had a great ham radio station in Anza, California. Because it was located on a hill with three towers and big antennas, it got out. A labor of love that he started building in the 1970’s.

Seymour was born in New York. He attended medical school at UCLA and became a doctor. One thing we shared in common was our activity in university ham radio. He was a mainstay at UCLA’s Bruin Amateur Radio Club in the 1950’s. For me, it was the University of Manitoba Amateur Radio Society twenty years later.

His medical career was lengthy. Almost everyone in the Anza community had been treated by him at some point. He delivered over a thousand “new citizens”. Seymour kept his medical license current and provided free service to folks he had cared for over the years.

Other interests in his life included attending radio conventions, sport fishing and farming. Recently, I heard him describing how he now had most things running on solar power on his farm.

Seymour Lesonsky W6CPP – The Long Path Well Traveled

Seymour’s ham station was so good the he could usually hear distant stations really well – and they could hear him. Friends all over the world. But especially, Seymour taught us to check out the long path.

The “long path” is the path taken by a distant station’s signal that goes the long way around the planet. For example, from my house to Australia is around 14,000 kilometers short path with the antenna aimed southwest. But long path, the distance is 26,000 kilometers, with the antenna aimed east. Sometimes you can hear signals on one path that are not on the other. Sometimes you can actually hear them on both paths, with a slight echo.

If you would like to hear Seymour W-6-Charlie-Charlie-Papa, take a listen here.

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