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Our Ham Radio Performance Environment

ham radio performance environment

Our ham radio performance environment is massive. We all have this available to increase our proficiency in our hobbies.

After studying and thinking about all the factors that contribute to our growth, I designed this model for ham radio performance environment.

Three spheres influence your ability to reach higher levels of proficiency in your hobby. These are your personal motivation and goals, your personal foundation of knowledge and skills, and a shared foundation to support you along the way. All are important.

It all boils down to what motivates you, what resources do you possess, and how do you build on the work of others. Personal motivation is unique to each of us. Humans are curious, so we like to learn. Our brains are built for this. Since the invention of stone axes and fire, we like to make and use all kinds of tools. And, as social beings, we interact with others along the way.

Over time, we build a personal foundation of things we have learned, things we can do, and tools for getting stuff done. Think about all the time and money you have invested in your hobby. Pretty amazing.

And finally, there is your shared foundation. These days, you find it pretty easy to access a global collection of mentors and shared knowledge for pretty much everything you may want to accomplish.

Ham Radio Performance Environment – Reflections

Take a few minutes to make a list of your performance environment. For each line in the model, you can assign details of your environment. And it’s pretty massive.

In particular, are you taking advantage of all this performance environment has to offer. Are you missing out on anything? Which aspects of your connectivity to this ham radio performance environment could or should you improve?

I think also you will find this graphic model useful in helping newcomers consider their options and opportunities as they enter the hobby. More details on each area to follow.

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