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Canada Day 2021 – Reflections

canada day 2021


On Canada Day 2021, our country is 154 years old. At age 70, I have been around for nearly half of Canada’s life as an independent nation. For me, Canada Day is always a day for reflection.

I think we can all agree it’s been a strange year, what with COVID-19 and everything else. Fortunately, my family and I are fully vaccinated and hopefully, ready to move on. Even our Calgary Stampede is returning, although attendance will likely be down.

Over the past year, I have strayed from posting strictly about radio and making hobbies. All too often, I have opined about the state of western society, particularly in the US. Well, I am only human, just trying to make sense of things. I started wondering about wisdom and its context.

Is the world really changing, or is it just me that is changing differently from the world? Is society really breaking down in new ways, or am I just stuck in the past?

So, I went back fifty years and read the news headlines. You know, things were pretty crazy back in the 1970’s, as well. Here in Canada, we had the October Crisis with the FLQ terrorists. In the United States, the behavior of President Richard Nixon and his crew (including Spiro Agnew and Attorney General John Mitchell) were somewhat on par with Trump and his gang.

So, what’s really changed as of Canada Day 2021? I think the answer is our shift to a post-truth world.

Canada Day 2021 in a Post Truth World

Post-truth is a natural development of post-modernism and accompanying cultural relativism. It arose from mainly leftist academia, who argued there are no facts and truth is culturally defined.

Fifty years ago, with the Watergate Scandal, Pentagon Papers and so on, we all believed in single unifying truth as uniformly reported by the media. Sure, we had spin doctors arguing about interpretation. But not facts.

Those days are mostly gone. My wisdom reaches this conclusion. Can you imagine New York Times, CNN and FOX News reporting the same “facts” about Watergate in 2021?

Fortunately, on Canada Day 2021, most of my fellow Canadian citizens are still able to mainly hang on to common truths. I hope it lasts.

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