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ANAN-7000 DLE MKII Review – Six Months In

ANAN-7000 DLE MKII Review

A year has passed since I ordered my ANAN radio, and six months since it arrived. Time for my ANAN-7000 DLE MKII Review.

I was motivated to buy my ANAN radio by one thing. I wanted a high performance radio for diversity reception. And, I definitely got what I wanted in the Black Edition.

As an SWL, I can enjoy great performance for medium and short wave listening and DX in any mode. Interaction between the radio box and OpenHPSDR software is seamless and reliable. My current configuration is Version 1.8 firmware and Thetis v2.9, the latest.

For this ANAN-7000 DLE MKII review, I will talk about Protocol 2 firmware, which enables very high speed streaming of radio data over my Ethernet network. I mostly use 384,000 or 768,000 sample rates, which provide a good chunk of bandwidth to play with.

Without doubt, this is the ultimate affordable setup for top-of-the-line modern diversity reception, especially noise cancellation. It works well with my wideband loop array and ham antennas. (To be fair, the RSPduo works well on HF at a much lower cost, but does not quite have the heft of the ANAN.)

And, I finally managed to get the tuning steps to automatically reconfigure when you change mode. I typically use steps of 5 kHz for AM, 100 Hz for SSB and 50 Hz for CW. You can see my setup in the picture above, including the Behringer MIDI controller to provide some knobs. My biggest complaint is with the XML database used by Thetis to store configuration. Sometimes it fails to work properly, has no documentation and is very hard to troubleshoot.

ANAN-7000 DLE MKII Review Configurations

One thing you must do with this radio is explore the many configuration options. Most useful are the pages for DSP, Display and Appearance.

Invest some time in your configurations for best performance. You need to customize many options to meet you requirements for happy operation and listening.

Noise reduction is excellent when you need it. I still play with all my radios, but the ANAN and RSPduo are my go-to rigs at the present time. One of the nice new features in Thetis 2.9 is to automatically adjust AGC thresholds based on actual noise floor in real time.

As a final note, I only use my ANAN for receiving, although I suspect its transmit performance is excellent, as well. May add an antenna tuner and try that out later this year.

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