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Using Loop Array with a Single Channel Receiver

loop array with a single channel receiver

So how do you use a wideband loop array with a single channel receiver? With a receive antenna phasing controller, of course.

One of the challenges with using a two-element wideband loop array is how to use it with a traditional single channel radio. My Perseus and Flex 6300 receivers have been gathering dust recently. Instead, I have been concentrating on my dual channel gear, like the SDRplay RSPduo and ANAN-7000 DLE.

If you read my analog noise reduction showdown last year, you will recall that several units do a good job of cancelling local RFI – including X-Phase, ANC-4 and MFJ-1026. But only one of these devices does a great job of phasing antennas over all of MF and HF – the DX Engineering NCC-1.

Used NCC-1 are quite hard to find. Probably because they work so well. And, like the newer NCC-2, they are quite expensive.

Today, I am a happy radio listener. After months of searching, I was able to obtain a used NCC-1 from an estate sale. Now, I can use my wideband loop array with a single channel receiver, be it SDR or analog.

Above, you can see a picture of my NCC-1 sitting in the radio room. Some repairs were needed, but it works.

Wideband Loop Array with a Single Channel Receiver

Does my noise reduction and beamforming work as well as my dual channel gear? Almost, but not quite. But I find it still works well.

With the NCC-1 placed between the loops and my Perseus or Flex 6300, I can now use all of my receivers as if they were true diversity radios. Side-by-side comparisons with the two channel radios are favorable.

My relay controlled antenna switch is set up to treat the phaser as another receiver. This allows me to switch the various antennas to each of the NCC-1 inputs. Good stuff.

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