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World Radio History – Great Website

world radio history

Over a hundred years of journals are available for your reading pleasure on the World Radio History web site. Take a look and enjoy!

Be careful, though. You can get consumed for hours, days, perhaps months reading World Radio History. Almost every aspect of radio broadcasting, experimenting and hobby activities are covered by this amazing collection of magazines and other publications.

Interested in broadcasting? WRH covers trade magazines from United States, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Are you into music? WRH provides the legendary Billboard and Cash Box coverage of your music industry history.

How about ratings, directories and regulations? You will find it’s all there.

You can read the century old experimenters journals. You will find Popular Electronics, Radio TV Experimenter and Electronics World. Even the early personal computer magazines line Byte, and Don Lancaster’s many cookbooks. You will find every aspect of radio technology covered, as well.

Pretty well all of the Hugo Gernsback publications are online. I really enjoy the stuff from the 1920’s and 1930’s, when everything was just taking off. Ham, shortwave and DX is well covered. You will find magazines like Monitoring Times, 73, Ham Radio and club newsletters. We have a complete library at our fingertips.

World Radio History – Digging Deeper

What makes World Radio History so amazing is that most of the publications have been OCR scanned and are full text searchable. Search by magazine or year. You can even read about how this site is made and maintained.

If you are going to search, I suggest you narrow things down to particular magazines or years, though. Otherwise, even your simplest searches can take a long time to produce results. You will find the database is so big and things can time out.

World Radio History is a labor of love from broadcaster and consultant David Gleason. Not many folks have accomplished something this monumental on the web.

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