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Wonderful Women’s World Cup

women's world cup

This summer, I enjoyed another wonderful Women’s World Cup on television. Soccer is my favorite sport, especially the girls.

All three of my sons played soccer, or football if you like. And I enjoyed a long “career” coaching and managing some of their youth teams in Sherwood Park, Regina and, especially, Calgary. Along the way, I had a lot of fun watching Premier League soccer, as well.

One year, I was asked to help evaluate girl’s tryouts for the top tier teams. I had never paid much attention to girls’ sports, having three boys in the family. But I was immediately struck by how talented these teen girls were. Athletic, often graceful, but enormously focused on their craft.

Our Women’s World Cup is a showcase, as is Olympic Women’s Soccer, of the best of the best. And, I am glad to see the women’s game progress to near parity with the men.

It’s only been around since 1991, compared to 1930 for the men. And, while there are 3 times as many men playing professional soccer around the world, it’s much closer to even at the youth level in Canada.

They call soccer “the beautiful game”. Skill and stamina for 90 minutes with relatively little violence.

Women’s World Cup on Television

Our WWC this year ran from July 20 to August 20. Matches were played across Australia and New Zealand. Most matches were played during night time in Canada. My PVR to the rescue. I watched every match on a time delay, and tried to avoid knowing the final score ahead of time.

Perhaps this year was also the end of an era. Both Canada and United States were knocked out early, as were Brazil and France.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed watching the ladies play soccer as much as I did. And kudos to Australia and New Zealand for hosting a great tournament.

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