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My Neighborhood Car Crash Saga

car crash saga

Here is the story of my neighborhood car crash saga. We will cover the event itself, and then the site remediation.

So, one morning about 7:40 a.m., I heard a loud bang outside my house. I opened the front door, but could not see anything. Life carried on.

A few minutes later, a man knocked on my front door wondering if I had a fire extinguisher. I looked in the hall closet but my extinguisher was nowhere to be found. (More on this shortly.) He ran off and I followed.

As I got past the large fir tree in my front yard, I saw that a car had crashed through the barriers at the end of my cull-de-sac. A woman had left the car (air bags work) and the vehicle was starting to burn. A truck pulled up and driver had a fire extinguisher. Soon thereafter, ambulance, police and fire arrived.

Turns out this woman had sped down our street in a compact car, lost control and crashed. She had been drinking, as evidenced by an empty vodka bottle in the car. The multiple speed-bumps had done nothing to slow her down, apparently. Police escorted her away in the ambulance. Later that morning, a flatbed tow-truck hauled the car away.

Now, this car crash saga happened in late March, 2019. So, why am I writing about it now?

Car Crash Saga – Site Remediation

Well, here is part two of the story. Last week, a City of Calgary work crew showed up – a truck and front-end loader. They moved the concrete barriers back into their original position, as shown below. It took the City just over 238 weeks to fix up the site.

I went out and thanked the crew for their service. At first, they thought I was being critical. When I told them it had been more than four and a half years since the crash, they were stunned.

Now, this was not a priority task by any stretch of the imagination, but 238 weeks for a work order to get completed? Amazing.


What about the missing fire extinguisher, you ask? It was recalled by Costco and we forgot to replace it!

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