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My Canada Day 2023

My Canada Day

Today is my Canada Day. But, this year, our nation’s history is the furthest thing from my mind.

Three months ago, my dear wife Hilda suffered a stroke and started down a road to recovery. Then, a month later, a pulmonary embolism struck. After nearly two weeks in ICU, she resumed her neuro-rehabilitation at Calgary’s Fanning Center.

This week, Hilda finally comes home. Over the summer, she will receive ongoing speech, occupational and physical therapy in a more familiar environment. I offer my sincere thanks to our three sons, as well as many friends and relatives, for their wonderful support during this difficult time. And, of course, while not perfect, our Canadian health care system came through when it was needed most.

Looking forwards, life will never be the same as it was before April 5th. How far Hilda will recover is uncertain. But she will do her best to regain strength, speech and happiness. After all, she has many “wife”, “mom” and especially “grandma” duties to perform.

As for my Canada Day 2023, I am exhausted. I am mentally and physically drained. While I understand and share my wife’s feelings about the situation, I need to care for myself, as well.

So, today I resume my blog posts, hoping they will support our new normal, such as it is.

My Canada Day – Thinking About Stroke

As I have learned, aphasia and verbal apraxia are not only disabling but also immensely frustrating for stroke victims. I have also learned that there are many resources available for support and rehabilitation.

So, we will work hard over the coming months to recover function and fitness. I had not planned to return to work, but I now have a new job to perform with diligence and love.

Over the past few months, I have plugged away at my Morse decoder project, and will start documenting that shortly.

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