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Arduino AD9850 Control Library

When you are writing an Arduino AD9850 library, you need to create two files. The first is a header file, shown immediately below. The header file describes a class, which is then implemented in the C++ file, shown below. The header file is included in your main Arduino program.

// AD9850B.h

#ifndef _AD9850B_h
#define _AD9850B_h

#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
	#include "arduino.h"
	#include "WProgram.h"

#define DDS_CLOCK 125000000
#define FREQ_FACTOR 4294967296

typedef enum SweepState { ssOff, ssRunning, ssFinished };

class AD9850B
	 int lineCLOCK;
	 int lineLOAD;
	 int lineDATA;
	 int lineRESET;
	 unsigned long _frequency = 10000000;
	 double _calfactor = 0;
	 boolean _active = false;
	 void PowerDown();
	 void Reset();

	AD9850B(int gW_CLK, int gFQ_UD, int gDATA, int gRESET);
	void Init();
	boolean GetActive();
	void SetActive(boolean param);
	unsigned long GetFrequency();
	void SetCalibration(long param);
	void SetFrequency(unsigned long param);

extern AD9850B dds;

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Calibre e-book Manager

Calibre e-book

If you read a lot, the Calibre e-book Manager is indispensable.

I read a lot. Audiobooks for fiction, e-books for non-fiction and reference. While I used to be an avid public library user, it now seems a lot easier just to find books online. Over the past few years I have collected around 700 books in e-pub, mobi, PDF, deja-vu and other formats.

I adopted the Calibre e-book Manager four years ago. This is an open source application with amazing capabilities:

  • Available for Windows, Linux, Apple OSX
  • Stores books in a single folder called Calibre Library
  • Supports all the major e-book formats, and provides the ability to convert books from one format to another
  • Enables the use of meta-data to organize your library into different series and by categories.
  • Enables you to serve your library over the network, and read your books from anywhere using a browser.
  • Bookmarks and full-text search, copy and paste, and so on.

You can use as many or as few of the features as you want. The readers included with Calibre e-book Manager are very flexible, and include the ability to change font sizes, as well as that all important “full screen” display to remove distractions.

Calibre e-book Manager on a Windows 10 Tablet

Recently I received a CHUWI Hi8 Windows 10 Tablet. I wondered how well it would work as a portable book reader. It works great with Calibre e-book Manager installed. The screen is a bit small, but I can increase the font size, and the device is much lighter than my generation one iPad.

Rather than copying books over one at a time, I found a neat way to install and synchronize the Calibre e-book library with my main computer. I simply use SynchBackFree to mirror my main Calibre library to my CHUWI tablet. So now, every time I add a new book to my main library, the tablet gets updated later in the day. I can take my 700 book library anywhere I go.